Travel is the essence of life, whether its done on a personal or professional level. We at Cloud 9 believe in the soulful travel which satisfies the internal craving of it. With our highly-personalized and specialized travel team, we have taken the corporate travel and destination management to a new level of accomplishment and efficiency. Based on our experience we have classified domestic travel in three catagories.

Beautiful India: When we talk about exploring different parts of India, who would not love to explore the enchanting cities in the various parts of the country exuberating natural beauty and varied climates. With her magnificent glory of culture, tradition and people India offer the following:

Birding - With more than 1250 species of birdsand over 920 breeding species, India is a paradise for bird watching. There are 13 bio-geographical regions demarcated: Trans Himalayan, Western Himalayas, Eastern Himalayas, Desert, Semi-arid, Gangetic plain, Central India, Deccan Plateau, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats, North East, Coasts and the Andaman Nicobar Islands. The long coastline and the island territories provide an opportunity to watch and study a large number of pelagic birds.

Wild Life - Wildlife is not only about clicking random pictures of the wild animals. India flourish some rare and endangered species of beings whom we appreciate either in books or television series. These animals are ferocious, they roar, they attack, some of them fly while others leap. If you are a keen-eyed photographer you capture an elegant movement in a freeze- frame, showing to the rest of the world the snapshots of life as it is lived free.  Places to be visited for Wildlife photography are – Ranthambore Park, Raja ji National Park, Jim Corbet and Many more.

Landscape - Considered as a culturally diversified country, India is divinely beautified in terms of the natural world.  The nation holds numerous different spots which are barren & fruitless where some spots are favored with lavish greenery with shocking woodland. Unquestionably, the country is personified with its individuality of Landscape. Each and every bend of India is lovely in its own right accordingly. Some of the most beautiful places on the earth are in India, the must visit amongst them are Valleys of Kashmir, Heights of Leh- Ladakh, depth of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Sand Dunes of Jaiselmer.